The Art of Frank, Inc. at the New York Comic Con 2011 part 2 of 2

Our video for part two of our two part New York Comic Con 2011 coverage is…finally here! Please see the you tube videos below of our footage, video interview and even a drawing demonstration from Frank!

This is our own video, edited by Frank and filmed by his wife Mariola:

In our video we were interviewed by Anthony of Igor’s, check out the actual interview below and also check out his great website at:

Here is a brief drawing Demo by Frank Espinoza on his Cintiq 21UX, captured by Anthony of Igor’s below:

Thanks for your time reading/viewing our special edition NYCC 2011 coverage. If you have any questions or comments then we’d love to hear your voice on our comments section below or on our social media sites. We’re very grateful for all of your support and we cannot wait to see you at NYCC 2012!


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Trey Hoyumpa

You. Are. AWESOME!!! Much love…


Bless your heart, Trey!! As always, thank you so much for not only your support but for what you taught me that is very evident in my success! 🙂


Well done job! Can’t wait to read your awesome work… Wish you all success!


Muchas gracias, Sister! We’ll try to send you the preview book. We have our fingers crossed, trying to get into C2E2 in Chicago! Please send my best to your boys and as always, thanks for your great support!

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