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The Art of Frank, Inc.

The Art of Frank, Inc. is a full-service conceptual illustration company based in Brooklyn, New York. Our creative resources will help you to develop your intellectual property into cartoons, toys, animations, comics, graphic novels, video games, and film.


Franklyn “Frank” Espinoza, CEO/Owner: A conceptual illustrator with roots stretching across New York City, Frank has been freelancing throughout the entertainment world for over seven years. His cross-technological fluency is grounded in a solid background in traditional illustration and animation, which he studied at Parsons. Thanks to a growing clientele, Frank’s freelancing career has evolved into entrepreneurship. His business, plainly put, is to manifest and expand your cinematic visions, not just through concept art, but through a full spectrum of creative solutions. At The Art of Frank, our passion becomes your production’s lifeblood.


For the exceptional talent, detailed attention, and quick turnaround time your project demands, get in touch with The Art of Frank, Inc. We’ll get the ideas out of your head and into the world.

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